About Intergroup Aircraft

Intergroup Aircraft Appraisal

Our professional appraiser combines a thorough understanding of the subject aircraft with a market study to produce a researched opinion of value.

NAAA-member appraiser will:

  • Examine the airplane to make certain its airframe, paint and interior are rated according to rigid NAAA-assigned grading standards (in other words, that an "8" is really an "8" and not a "6").

  • Examine the airframe, engines, props, instrumentation, avionics and all relative systems to make certain that all components are correct and actualized

  • Examine all of the the airplane's logbooks and records, checking for hidden details that the pilot or mechanic might miss but which could significantly affect the value of the airplane. Things like damage history, amount of recent flight time, tachometer changes, missing logbook pages and much more.

  • Enter the aircraft data into sophisticated software developed by NAAA which will compare the airplane with others which have sold recently.

  • Prepare an extensive appraisal report, which includes an official "Certificate of Appraisal." You can literally take this report to the bank to prove the value of an aircraft you are trying to finance.